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We provide a wide variety of tours and attractions for family, friends and love ones. Discover our rich culture as you travel through different parishes. See and live the Jamaican dream!

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Taxi/Cab & Airport Transfer Services

We provide affordable taxi/cab service for all your transportation needs. Our modern, fully equipped fleet of vehicles adapt to any transportation need and ensure a perfect start to your vacation. Whether you chose to book a share or private Transportation, you’re in good hands with us. Pre-book online with Unique Tours Jamaica for a hassle-free ride.

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Montego Bay Tours

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s Second City, Christopher Columbus called it “el Golfo de Buen Tiempo.” Today, this Fair Weather Bay is a magnet for modern day explorers seeking exciting things to do in Jamaica, including our adventure tours and excursions in Montego Bay.

Taste Jamaica from sugarcane juice and rum to spicy jerk on a plantation walking tour. Swim Jamaica with dolphins and make some delightful new friends. Golf Jamaica in the land of Johnny Cash and James Bond. Kayak Jamaica on the Great River and play Tarzan too.

Most Popular Montego Bay Tours

$89.00 4x4 Off-Road Safari image
Montego Bay

4×4 Off-Road Safari

Climb aboard and get ready for an awe-inspiring trip to discover the real Jamaica. On this safari through the rugged interior, your eyes will feast on breathtaking natural beauty and you’ll learn about the island’s rich history and unique culture. There are stops at several local landmarks, including a former slave hospital, which was converted into a church in 1846. We’ll take you for a walk on the wild side through lush, tropical foliage to discover hidden waterfalls and jump into crystal-clear, spring water pools. Get off the beaten track and experience the very heart of paradise.

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$220.00 Dolphin Royal Swim Memories image
Montego Bay

Ultimate Swim with the Dolphins Lucea

Treat yourself to the “Experience of a Lifetime,” as you frolic with beautiful bottlenose dolphins in the deep waters of a gorgeous, natural lagoon. Feel the thrill as these majestic mammals pull you along by their dorsal fins or give you a foot-push through the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea. After this invigorating encounter, spend the day at the park and enjoy a variety of experiences including watching the dolphins at play, interacting with gentle stingrays and kayaking in a private lagoon.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay Rose Hall Shopping

Shopping enthusiasts are well aware that it truly pays to be in-the-know about where the best spots are for grabbing bargains and finding hidden treasures. That’s why, for real shopping lovers, this tour is an absolute must! Discover the very best that Jamaica has to offer in the way of gifts and excellent duty-free deals. You’ll visit the duty-free area of the town and the Old Fort craft market, where you’re free to haggle with the local vendors. You’ll be certain to find that perfect souvenir to take back as a treat for friends or as a priceless memento of your vacation.

$123.00 River Kayak Adventure image
Montego Bay

Zipline & River Kayak Adventure

Unending excitement beckons in this thrill-a-minute excursion. Following a safety briefing from one of your highly-knowledgeable professional guides, you’re ready to claim your kayak and start your adrenaline pumping. Start off by splashing through rapids and riding the fast-flowing currents past stunning scenery. Then disembark on a bamboo-lined riverbank and take a short hike to a hidden platform, from where you’ll launch out onto a canopy flight, which will take you soaring 150ft high, across the treetops, through the rainforest. Marvel at the ever-changing landscape. Dive into the refreshing waters of a pure Jamaican river and drink in the impossibly spectacular island vistas on this thrill-a-minute adventure.

Ocho Rios Tours

Home to the famed Dunn’s River Falls, this once-upon-a-time fishing village is now the pulse of Jamaica’s lush Garden Parish. Embark on Ocho Rios excursions and let us be your tour guide on an exploration of Jamaica’s natural wonders.

Our tours offer something for everyone – the adventure of flying on a zipline through the tree tops, the refreshing cool of a river tubing excursion on White River’s crystal waters, the elation of a Blue Mountain bike tour, and the relaxation of bamboo rafting on a lazy river. There are so many Ocho Rios excursions to choose from at Tours.

Most Popular Ocho Rios Tours


ATV Safari Ocho Rios

Jump on a powerful single-seat ATV and start your journey deep into the scenic Jamaican countryside on the rugged trails of a colonial-era estate. Enjoy maneuvering your way past eye catching mountain terrain, local communities and lush forests. After a leisurely ride back, end your tour by jumping off the cliffs into the deep blue water of a private cove. Swimming in the cool Caribbean waters is the perfect way to relax after such an exciting tour.


Dolphin Encounter Ocho Rios

Enter the world of these gentle bottlenose beauties with a special kiss and caress while you get a chance to make friends, touch and have an up-close experience with the dolphins. Also, learn some interesting facts about these wonderful creatures from a knee deep water platform. You can also view the exciting Shark Show, performed by our very own pirates of “Little Port Royal.” Interact with the colorful birds, exotic snakes and iguanas on the nature trail. Enjoy unlimited mini-boat rides, a 40ft. water slide and interactions with the gentle stingrays (with barbs clipped).


Sunset Horseback Ride and Swim Ocho Rios

Saddle up for a grand adventure! This two-part adventure begins with a thrilling Horseback Swim at a private beach. Feel the waves of excitement as your horse carries you into the warm Caribbean Sea for a one-of-a-kind encounter journey set against the backdrop of the horizon. Then get on the trail and meander through open pastures and along the cliffs to the famous Papillon Cove a famous filming location in the 80’s. Learn about the history of the region, and spot indigenous trees and wildlife on your journey to a beautiful Bay. Then indulge in some bubbly and toast to the magnificence of the Jamaican sunset.

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Jungle River Tubing from Ocho Rios

Discover Jamaica’s natural beauty on this river tubing adventure along three miles of the stunning White River. The tubing adventure begins at the famous Old Spanish Bridge, a 17th century national landmark. Enjoy the twists and turns of the rushing river as you pass over mini rapids, limestone riverbeds, through an old coconut plantation and beneath arching bamboo!

Negril Tours

The “Capital of Casual” is known for its stunning seven-mile beach, where no building is taller than a coconut tree and time is on your side, even our adventure tours have Negril’s laid-back style. We’ll take you to the most popular spot to see the best sunset in Jamaica, where you might decide to jump off a cliff.

Life is Irie as you sail the coastline on our luxury catamaran and snorkel in the blue waters of Negril Reef. Journey to the unspoiled Southcoast, cruise the Black River and learn the secrets making Jamaican rum. Unwind on a horseback ride into the scenic countryside, and chill out as your horse takes you for a swim into the Caribbean surf. Get ready for some cool running in December when Negril hosts the Reggae Marathon.

Most Popular Negril Bay Tours

$109.00 Dunns River Falls image

Discover Dunns River Falls

Experience the majesty of Dunn’s River Falls, one of Jamaica’s most magnificent natural treasures. Join hands and be part of a human chain ascending the slopes of this 600 foot waterfall, one of the few in the world that empties directly into the sea.

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$149.00 Dolphin Encounter Lucea

Dolphin Encounter Lucea

Enter the world of these gentle bottlenose beauties with a special kiss and caress while you get a chance to make friends, touch and have an up-close experience with the dolphins. Also, learn some interesting facts about these wonderful creatures from a knee deep water platform. Watch the dolphins at play, swim with gentle stingrays and go kayaking in a private lagoon.

$156.00 Nine Mile and Dunns River Falls

Nine Mile and Dunns River Falls

Take a journey to Nine Mile, the birthplace of Reggae legend, Bob Marley and see where he spent some of his formative years and where his body was laid to rest. While in Nine Mile, learn about Marley’s childhood and his rise to stardom, then enjoy a sumptuous Jamaican meal. Travel down through the hills of Jamaica to reach one of our most renowned and picturesque attractions, Dunn’s River Falls. As a highlight, experience the majesty of Dunn’s River Falls, one of Jamaica’s most magnificent natural treasures. Led by expert guides, you’ll join hands to form a human chain, as you wind your way up the rocky slopes of this 600-foot waterfall.

$125.00 Dune Buggy Safari Negril

Dune Buggy Safari Negril

Take a ride on a two seater dune buggy and journey deep into the scenic Jamaican countryside on the rugged trails of a historic estate. The powerful yet easy to handle buggies will grant you access to the untouched hills and plains of this beautiful Caribbean island. Pass through a small Jamaican village and up the rugged mountain trails before stopping at a historic Presbyterian Church. Before the end of this exciting adventure don’t forget to stop and take in the picturesque views overlooking the Caribbean Sea.