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    Montego Bay Tours

    Montego Bay is Jamaica’s Second City, Christopher Columbus called it “el Golfo de Buen Tiempo.” Today, this Fair Weather Bay is a magnet for modern day explorers seeking exciting things to do in Jamaica, including our adventure tours and excursions in Montego Bay.

    Taste Jamaica from sugarcane juice and rum to spicy jerk on a plantation walking tour. Swim Jamaica with dolphins and make some delightful new friends. Golf Jamaica in the land of Johnny Cash and James Bond. Kayak Jamaica on the Great River and play Tarzan too.

    Most Popular Montego Bay Tours

    $168.00 Zipline Adventure Tour
    Montego Bay

    Jamaica Bobsled, Skyride & Zipline Adventure Tour

    If you can’t ever get enough excitement and you love nothing more than having your pulse rate race, then this is a can’t-miss excursion designed just for you. A triple-threat experience that combines three encounters in one, this amazing tour invites you to ride the Rainforest Sky Explorer, a state-of-the-art chair lift that soars 700 feet above the tree tops, transporting you high above Ocho Rios. Next up, you can hop aboard Bobsled Jamaica, a high-tech, custom-designed bobsled that speeds you along stainless steel rails on a 1,000-meter, gravity-driven thrill ride through the forest. Finally your journey ends with a rainforest Zipline Canopy traverse that sends you whizzing across a tensile cable strung between a series of tree-to-tree platforms arrayed across a lush, tropical forest.

    $195.00 Native Kingston City Tour
    Montego Bay

    Lets Go Native Kingston City Tour

    Enjoy the scenic ride to Jamaica’s capital city Kingston to see some of the country’s most significant cultural sites. Once you arrive in Kingston the first stop takes you to Jamaica’s National Gallery for a tour of the island’s premier art collection, which features works of famous Jamaican and international artists. Next, visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral, one of the island’s most symbolic places of worship. Afterwards you’ll visit Devon House. Built in the 19th century, it is the former home of Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel. Here you’ll enjoy lunch before a short tour of the great house, followed by complimentary ice-cream! The final stop will be the Bob Marley Museum, where guides will escort you through the former home and recording studio of the legendary reggae artist. As the day comes to an end, enjoy the journey back to your resort.

    Montego Bay

    Rose Hall Great House Night Experience

    A candle-lit evening tour of the Rose Hall Great House is a must for visitors to Montego Bay. Your guided exploration of the former home of Jamaica’s ‘White Witch’, Annie Palmer, includes captivating and chilling stories of love, murder and mystery skillfully told by knowledgeable guides. You’re sure to feel goose-bumps as these eerie tales come to life in this grand estate, where ghost sightings have been reported over the years! You will gain historic insight into this the grandest of Jamaican great houses, now beautifully restored with 18th-century decor and antiques. To conclude this fascinating adventure, you can visit the dungeon, now transformed into a tavern called Annie’s Pub. Many visitors find that purchasing a glass of the famous rum cocktail, known as “Witches Brew” helps banish the spirits of ghosts and black magic they sense still lingering in the mansion!

    $123.00 Zipline & River Tubing
    Montego Bay

    Zipline & River Tubing

    Experience two spectacular adventures in one during this zipline and river tubing combo tour. Soar like a bird along three exciting traverse lines, at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, hundreds of feet above the ground on secure ziplines. Witness spectacular sights as you pass through the rainforest, over river canyons and across mountains. Then jump in your tube and float along the beautiful Great River enjoying its twists and turns as the majestic Jamaican scenery passes you by.

    Ocho Rios Tours

    Home to the famed Dunn’s River Falls, this once-upon-a-time fishing village is now the pulse of Jamaica’s lush Garden Parish. Embark on Ocho Rios excursions and let us be your tour guide on an exploration of Jamaica’s natural wonders.

    Our tours offer something for everyone – the adventure of flying on a zipline through the tree tops, the refreshing cool of a river tubing excursion on White River’s crystal waters, the elation of a Blue Mountain bike tour, and the relaxation of bamboo rafting on a lazy river. There are so many Ocho Rios excursions to choose from at Tours.

    Most Popular Ocho Rios Tours

    $125.00 Blue Mountain Highlights & Picnic

    Blue Mountain Highlights & Picnic

    Travel to the majestic Blue Mountains, the highest mountain range in the English-speaking Caribbean to enjoy a coffee break, guided tour and lunch at the Asafu Yard. Your journey begins the moment you’re picked up, along the way you’ll learn about Jamaica’s colorful past as you travel by historical sites and local markets. Your first stop, an open air restaurant over 2500 ft. above sea level to enjoy a sumptuous local brunch served with Blue Mountain coffee. Enjoy panoramic views of mist- covered peaks and pristine emerald valleys that provide the perfect photo opportunity. Learn all there is to know about the indigenous herbs and plants that seem to grow everywhere you look and take a look at the coffee plantations clinging to the mountainsides. You will then visit the Newcastle settlement where sometimes, you may see soldiers in training, before visiting the Asafu Yard located in one of the first free villages to rise after the era of slavery. Here, you’ll enjoy a picnic style lunch served in a calabash bowl prior to joining the locals as they sing, drum and dance. Lastly, if you would like to cool down, feel free to take a refreshing dip in a secluded river. What better way to end your day!


    Zipline and River Tubing from Ocho Rios

    Get ready to experience double the adventure during this zipline and river tubing combo tour. To start things off, soar through the rainforest canopy of the beautiful White River Valley. Experience an unforgettable triple-traverse adventure through lush green vegetation across zip lines ranging from 150 to 520 feet in length. Following your zipline experience enjoy a relaxing river tubing excursion along the crystal clear White River. Experienced river tubing guides will take you on a breathtaking voyage from the 17th century Spanish Bridge over mini rapids, limestone riverbeds, under arching bamboo and past a historic coconut plantation.

    $145.00 Shark Encounter Ocho Rios

    Shark Encounter Ocho Rios

    Are you ready for some real adventure? What better way to get your blood boiling than by hopping into the water with sharks? Join our highly trained specialists and move beyond a world of fear and enter a world of discovery by holding, touching and feeding these magnificent creatures. Our trainers will tell you all about the mysterious animals and help you see just how fascinating they really are. Then, bring your adrenaline down, just a notch by enjoying the rest of the park. Visit Little Port Royal a replica of Jamaica’s most famous pirate “haunt” and witness pirates roaming through town, maybe you’ll even find a gold coin or two! If you’re ready for a more relaxing experience, sample the tropical fruits and spices or try our world’s famous Blue Mountain Coffee. This is the perfect place to enjoy a full day of fun!


    ATV Safari Ocho Rios

    Jump on a powerful single-seat ATV and start your journey deep into the scenic Jamaican countryside on the rugged trails of a colonial-era estate. Enjoy maneuvering your way past eye catching mountain terrain, local communities and lush forests. After a leisurely ride back, end your tour by jumping off the cliffs into the deep blue water of a private cove. Swimming in the cool Caribbean waters is the perfect way to relax after such an exciting tour.

    Negril Tours

    The “Capital of Casual” is known for its stunning seven-mile beach, where no building is taller than a coconut tree and time is on your side, even our adventure tours have Negril’s laid-back style. We’ll take you to the most popular spot to see the best sunset in Jamaica, where you might decide to jump off a cliff.

    Life is Irie as you sail the coastline on our luxury catamaran and snorkel in the blue waters of Negril Reef. Journey to the unspoiled Southcoast, cruise the Black River and learn the secrets making Jamaican rum. Unwind on a horseback ride into the scenic countryside, and chill out as your horse takes you for a swim into the Caribbean surf. Get ready for some cool running in December when Negril hosts the Reggae Marathon.

    Most Popular Negril Bay Tours

    $109.00 Dunns River Falls image

    Discover Dunns River Falls

    Experience the majesty of Dunn’s River Falls, one of Jamaica’s most magnificent natural treasures. Join hands and be part of a human chain ascending the slopes of this 600 foot waterfall, one of the few in the world that empties directly into the sea.

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    Jamaica Bobsled, Skyride & Zipline Adventure From Negril

    If you love nothing more than having your pulse rate race, then this is a can’t-miss excursion designed just for you. Journey to Ocho Rios with a local guide and take in the breathtaking views of the North Coast. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious breakfast in Montego Bay. Upon arrival, a triple-threat experience awaits you, starting off with a ride on the Rainforest Sky Explorer, a state-of-the-art chair lift that soars 700 feet above the tree tops, transporting you high above Ocho Rios. Next, get ready for the ride of your life as you hop into a real Jamaica Bobsled for a 1,000 meter long, gravity-driven thrill ride through the rainforest on custom designed sleds. Finally your journey ends with a rainforest zipline canopy traverse that sends you whizzing across a lush, tropical forest. Aside from the signature attractions there are a number of other complimentary activities to keep you busy throughout the day; see renowned Jamaican memorabilia at the pavilion where you can enjoy lunch overlooking Ocho Rios, get a bird’s-eye view of the property from the lookout tower, cruise down the into the infinity pool, or take a stroll through the beautiful butterfly and hummingbird gardens.

    $156.00 Nine Mile and Dunns River Falls

    Nine Mile and Dunns River Falls

    Take a journey to Nine Mile, the birthplace of Reggae legend, Bob Marley and see where he spent some of his formative years and where his body was laid to rest. While in Nine Mile, learn about Marley’s childhood and his rise to stardom, then enjoy a sumptuous Jamaican meal. Travel down through the hills of Jamaica to reach one of our most renowned and picturesque attractions, Dunn’s River Falls. As a highlight, experience the majesty of Dunn’s River Falls, one of Jamaica’s most magnificent natural treasures. Led by expert guides, you’ll join hands to form a human chain, as you wind your way up the rocky slopes of this 600-foot waterfall.

    $250.00 Sea Fishing in Negril

    Half Day Deep Sea Fishing in Negril

    The very best in deep sea sport fishing beckons off the coast of Jamaica. Head out onto the open waters off the coast, renowned as one of the most thrilling grounds in the entire Caribbean! Our expert captain and crew know the very best spots to catch Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphinfish (Mahi Mahi), Tuna and Sailfish, to name just a few, so get ready for an incredible day on the water. The sun is shining, the drinks are icy and the fish are biting, so let’s go! *Please note fishing tours are generally catch and release*