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Some who go on vacation prefer to call themselves travelers. They are people who want to experience each new location they visit. That means leaving all the luxury amenities of your hotel or the incredible, rustic comfort of your bohemian vacation and exploring all Jamaica has to offer. One of the best ways to experience Jamaica like a local is to ask the locals.
The easiest way to do this is to start with what is easiest – the people behind the check-in desk, wherever you are. They can usually recommend the best options for taxi drivers, great places to eat, and places to go to connect with the local community.

White sandy beaches, sounds of reggae, and, of course, rum – Jamaica is a way of life! We can promise you one thing: All the clichés running through your head will become a reality on a trip to Jamaica. Or, in the words of the locals, “Ya man, no problem, man!” Your trip to our little island will be unique, thanks to Jamaicans.

This blog article reveals our tips for your trip to Jamaica. We will show you the most beautiful sights and beaches and tell you about our experiences to perfectly prepare for your trip to Jamaica.

Things to do in Jamaica ( Beaches, Sights, and Tips)

Seven Mile Beach in Negril


Welcome to possibly the most beautiful beach in Jamaica! Seven Mile Beach is an island dream come true. The best golden sand and turquoise waters await you here.

Seven Mile Beach is comprised of two sections with several beaches. A small bay called Bloody Bay and a long beach on the south side called Long Bay. Bloody Bay is quieter, while Long Bay has more bars and hotels.
Seven Mile Beach is generally open to the public, but some sections (especially in front of the big hotels) are closed. An advantage to visiting Seven Mile Beach is that you can choose to be close to amenities, or if you like secluded places, you can walk south. The beach here is just as beautiful, and you are mostly alone.

Note: The Seven Mile Beach faces west, so you will have the opportunity to admire the stunning sunsets that are the talk of Jamaica. Don’t miss it!

Rick’s Cafe, Negril

You can’t leave Jamaica without visiting Rick’s Café, which is something of a Jamaican institution–the first official public bar and restaurant in the area. This restaurant, built on the edge of a cliff, is undoubtedly one of the most legendary attractions of this country.

Rick’s Cafe is famous for its cliff jumping. From 35 feet above the ground, the locals plunge into the depths of the glistening waters and perform daring dives and flips.

We got weak in the knees just watching it, but if you still want to get your adrenaline pumping, give it a go. Jump like the locals or choose the lower level platform at 8 feet.

Bamboo rafting on the river

white couple on bamboo rafting at martha brae , jamaica

A beautiful natural environment awaits you on the rafting trip down the river. “River Rafting” is probably a misnomer. It’s more a leisurely ride on a handcrafted bamboo raft than a whitewater adventure. However, we highly recommend this trip.

The raft’s length is about 6 meters, and you sit a little higher on a platform while the captain stands at the front and navigates with a bamboo stick. The trip takes between 1 and 1.5 hours, depending on the water level. Alongside the bank of the river are a few souvenir shops you can visit.

Where to eat in Jamaica (Restaurant tips)


First and foremost, if you want to eat like a local, you have to go outside the high walls of the hotel. Authentic Jamaican food is primarily served in small street eateries.

Jamaican food is best known outside the country for its “spiciness.” Here, meat and seafood are mixed with “Jerk” seasoning (spicy and sweet spices) and cooked using special grilling techniques. It is worth a try; unfortunately, this local dish has no vegetarian options.
Vegetarians and vegans should look for the word “Ital.” Ital is the name of Rastafarian food. The general principle is that Ital food should be natural, organic, and directly from the earth. No preservatives or animal products.
Exotic fruits with the best-growing conditions are readily available. You can buy fresh fruit, juice, or chilled coconut on almost every street corner.

Jamaica Hotel Tips (Information and Experiences)

Outside view from a Jamaicain Hotel

The first thing to note: if you’re expecting a small boutique hotel, you’re in for a bit of a bummer. Grand hotels and resorts are the norm in Jamaica and are no exception. The top beaches are predominantly occupied by well-known chain hotels.
Package tourism is booming in Jamaica, with many visitors from the United States. Therefore, many hotels specialize in honeymoons and offer special packages.

This means you must look through a magnifying glass for alternatives to Jamaica’s comprehensive and extensive facilities.

How Much Money Do You Need to Travel Jamaica?

The national currency of Jamaica is the Jamaican Dollar (J$ or JMD for short). That’s a hard question to answer as spending habits differ from person to person.  However, currency converter websites and mobile apps can give you a general idea of the of the currency exchange is. For example, as of the writing of this blog, 1 USD to JMD = $140.00. 

The US dollar (USD) is also widely used due to its geographical proximity and many tourists from the United States. Therefore, in developed tourist areas, many prices are in US dollars. A combination of US dollars and Jamaican dollars works well. You might need Jamaican dollars if traveling outside the tourist areas.

Note: The exchange rates from USD to JMD fluctuate daily and can be found on the Bank of Jamaica website. We do not recommend converting your currency at the airport, as the exchange rate could be higher.

Safety: Is Jamaica a safe destination?

There are many myths surrounding the question of whether Jamaica is a safe or unsafe destination. We want to explain this and describe our personal experience briefly.

Here are the facts: Of course, Jamaica is no safer than, say, Europe. Let’s be straightforward. Crime levels are high, particularly in and around certain areas in Kingston and Montego Bay, but as a tourist, you don’t usually frequent those high-risk areas.
The risk of theft is low, but like anywhere else, it can happen. Pick-pocketing is possible, and this may occur from time to time.

To make your trip to Jamaica as safe as possible, we recommend the following:

  • Keep valuables with you or leave them at home.
  • Most robberies happen in the dark. Avoid dark and lonely alleys at night (especially in the capital city of Kingston) or ask (in hotels, etc.) which areas to avoid.
  • Last but not least, listen to common sense. If you don’t feel safe anywhere, take it seriously.
  • Always remember: Tourism is an essential economic driver in Jamaica. Therefore, local people are very interested in making you feel comfortable traveling around the country. We have never felt unsafe in Jamaica. 

Unique Tours Jamaica Providing the Best Experience in Jamaica from Years
Thank you! Of course, our opinions and experiences are affected by this issue. This blog post contains our recommendations.


Stunning natural scenery: Waterfalls, forests, Caribbean beaches, and impressive mountain scenery. The nature of Jamaica is stunning.

Caribbean vibes and laid-back vibes: Coconuts in your hands, reggae music in your ears, turquoise sea views. Jamaica is the embodiment of the Caribbean atmosphere. Jamaicans’ zest for life is contagious.

Package Travel: Jamaica is a very popular package travel destination. However, visiting the country without booking a package holiday is entirely possible.

You can travel around the island by driving west and east and then south to north. (For reference, the journey from Negril to Kingston takes about 4-5 hours). This way you, if you are not limited in time, can see a lot of the country.

However, you can also focus on the well-developed tourist destinations of Western Jamaica. From here, you can stay in one place as a base and go sightseeing daily. If you decide to do this, we recommend (from our experience) that you book your trip through Unique Tours Jamaica.

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